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My work stems out of a curiosity regarding human created physical reality through design, architecture and technology.  The manufacturing and invention of our surroundings has resulted in a complex environment of objects ranging widely in their purpose from pragmatically functional to completely whimsical.  Our creations foster all ranges of emotion from joy and desire to jealousy and fear.   Consumer culture, of which both art and design are integral, necessitates innovation, creativity, style, seduction and manipulation to propagate itself.  My work engages conceptual issues of material creation through an abstract visual language of implied functionality.


I utilize a wide variety of processes and tools to create my work including traditional painting technique, the airbrush, the laser cutter, and computer aided design (CAD).






Trygve Faste lives and works in Eugene Oregon. In 2004 he received an MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Painting and is currently a full time faculty member at the University of Oregon in the Product Design Program. Trygve’s paintings have been exhibited nationally.


In addition to his painting work Trygve collaborates with Jessica Swanson. Their work can be seen at Something Like This Design.







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